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The Tech for Techs

Airmaster started in 1988 outside of Melbourne on the southern coast of Australia. Airmaster focuses on providing unrivaled service and creating long-lasting relationships. Airmaster started out doing HVAC service and maintenance. Now the company uses an integrated service model that uses technology to deliver the best maintenance and service possible. Click here for the full air master case study.


Technicians not only need to fill out a job report to document their work, but the customer also needs a copy. On top of that the process to do the work, fill out a sheet of paper dependent on the work, as well as other steps, there is too much room for inconsistency and human error. These are some of the many reasons why field service companies are transitioning to user friendly, and adaptable mobile forms.

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I would definitely recommend OmniByte and their products. If you want your forms to be deeply integrated with your systems, including your ERP, FormsPro is what you’re looking for.



Tech for Techs:

Airmaster states, “We saw the benefits of FormsPro right away”. Customers were able to receive the work reports almost right away on top of the technicians being able to capture data with ease. Airmaster also reports that the biggest advantage of FormsPro is the integration into the SQL warehouse and ERP. Airmaster uses many different forms and features; these include job safety reports, expense reports, travel reports, compliance forms, and features such as ease of distributing the reports, and the ease of data capture. You can be the greatest technician ever, but if the proper reporting isn’t done then it’s like you were never there. FormsPro: the Tech for Techs
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