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Now’s the Time to Say Goodbye to Paper Forms

Your techs have more important things to do than waste time on inefficient and error-prone paper forms. With FormsPro, your techs can focus on the job at hand, and you can focus on reducing costs. And that’s just the beginning.

FormsPro provides digital transformation of simple to complex operational forms and processes, ensuring that your business achieves more productive and leaner operations while prioritizing safety, data accuracy, and quality. Time spent on deciphering handwritten forms or tracking down missing critical information is a thing of the past. So is time spent manually re-entering form data.

ditch the paperwork

Here at OmniByte, we understand that the least enjoyable part of a technician’s day is filling out paperwork. Let’s face it: Filling out paperwork in a basement or a rooftop can definitely be a distraction. And that leads to frustrated techs, inaccurate data capture, and inefficient business processes. FormsPro puts the tech’s experience and safety first. No matter how complicated the jobs or processes are, FormsPro always presents techs with a simple, intuitive, and easy to use form.

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FormsPro is proven to shorten the time to receive completed operational forms by 70%. See it in action.

That’s right, 70%. No other mobile forms platform offers the depth and breadth of functionality and deployment options that you get with FormsPro. 

Still not sure? Here are the top five reasons to implement FormsPro:

  1. Works Wherever You Are – FormsPro is designed to work online and offline. 
  2. Supports Safety – With required form completion, job safety improves, and risk is reduced. 
  3. Makes Mobile Form Creation Easy – Users don’t need to learn any coding; forms are created in an easy drag-and-drop experience. 
  4. Automates Processes – Workflows can be used to review, approve, and reject forms to simplify and enforce processes. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of forms you can create. 
  5. Creates Dynamic Forms – Documents, videos, audio, or any other attachments needed for a form can easily be uploaded. Attachments can be stored in an Azure or Windows file share. Plus, you can add photos, automate workflows, implement trigger follow-up, add calculations, and more!

Happy Forms, Happy Techs

Once you make the switch to digital forms, you can do things that simply aren’t possible on paper. From automatically populating forms with job, customer, and equipment data to taking videos and photos, to creating mandatory fields and so much more – FormsPro lets you do it all! Plus, with conditional logic, you can trim the excess off your forms and cleanly show your techs precisely what needs to be captured in any situation. 

Once the form is submitted, the data is immediately available to everyone who needs it. The results? Generating reports, sending emails, sharing the form with team members, integrating data to other business solutions – and more! – are only a click away with FormsPro

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By Jack Olson, Sales Engineer and Technical Consultant, OmniByte